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Welcome to Voltium Blockchain

Voltium Corporation is incorporating Clean Energy Solar Power with cryptocurrency solutions and blockchain technology

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Voltium (VLTM) is available on: Windows, MacBook, Android, IOS, Metamask.

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Swap Voltium (VLTM) on Centralized and Decentralized exchanges & Voltium Swap.

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If you want to start building on Voltium VLTM, we have docs, tutorials and more get started.

Block Explorer

Track, Monitor and engage in Voltium VLTM mining and Network Monitoring.

Smart Chain Explorer

Track VLTM20 tokens, Transaction Hash, Smart chain address and Liquidity pools.

What is Voltium?

Voltium (VLTM) is based on the scrypt proof of work and proof of stake algorithm. Users can use them in daily transactions, business, and personal purposes gain additional tokens. This is how cryptocurrency works and Voltium (VLTM) is another type of cryptocurrency that works based on scrypt.

The Voltium (VLTM) is a utility coin used for buying and selling solar-based goods and services. The Voltium coin will be a medium of exchange on the Voltium platform and for products and services offered on this platform. The Voltium platform is deĀ­-centralized and offers an ecosystem that runs with the Voltium (VLTM). Voltium coin will prevent the problem of high transaction charges and speed that affects the tradiĀ­tional transaction system.

Be your own bank!

Voltium (VLTM) Mobile wallet is a digital application built accross all mobile computing platforms carring out the storage of public and private keys to voltium (VLTM) Holders.






Active Usage

Voltium (VLTM) Today.

The latest network statistics (price, transactions, Market captilization, Nodes)


The latest price of 1 VLTM.


Transactions Today.

The number of transactions successfully processed on the network in the last 24 hours.


Market Capitalization

Total Market capitalization of voltium (VLTM) coin.



Voltium (VLTM) is run by hundred of volunteers around the globe, known as nodes.


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The latest network statistics (price, transactions, Market captilization, Nodes)

Voltium Smart Chain APIs

procedures and protocols allowing the creation of applications that access the features or data of the voltium blockchain system, tokens, dapps, games client, or other service.

Voltium API

Developers Docs.

Voltium material that describes and instruct the system or procedure for installation, maintenance and use such as: Voltium token creation program, Dapps, NFT's, etc...

Visist Docs.

Voltium for Enterprise

Use voltium cloud to implement and develop tools and technologies on the Decentralized ecosystem to ensure stability, scalability and sustainability of decentralized apps.

Voltium Cloud